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City of Moscow, Idaho - A "great place you've never heard of".

Sustainability Through Landscaping in Moscow, Idaho

September 30, 2008

Moscow, Idaho Announces Wisescape Award

Residents of the City of Moscow have a new and exciting opportunity to show off their water-conserving landscape projects through the recently created Wisescape Award Program.  Mayor Nancy Chaney of the City of Moscow is seeking nominations and photos of water-conserving landscapes in the city, to be recognized at the annual Palouse Basin Water Summit as Wisescape honourees. 

The program is designed to honour businesses and residences that set examples of attractive, water-conserving use of outdoor space, which will ideally inspire others to do the same.  The reward program is not competition based, nor does it intend to reward the most lavish or expensive projects, but rather to acknowledge people’s creative efforts, however modest, and provide inspiration to others.

Wisescapes are being promoted as an effort to increase water-efficient landscaping in the Palouse Region through educating people about suitable landscape design, the reduction of resource use, soil enhancement, and plant selection.

Submit a Nomination for a Wisescape Award

Nomination forms are available on the City of Moscow website at: www.ci.moscow.id.us/pw/WaterConservation/Wisescape.asp. 

The City of Moscow would also like to assist any other communities interested in recognizing businesses or residents who set great examples through Wisecape type projects in their area.  Wisescape guidelines and nomination forms are available on the City of Moscow’s website for those interested.http://www.ci.moscow.id.us/pw/WaterConservation/Wisescape.asp.

City of Moscow Named one of  “9 Great Places You’ve Never Heard Of” by Mother Earth News

Mother Earth News, the world's leading magazine dedicated to sustainable living, featured nine selected communities in its August/September 2008 issue.The annual Great Places list serves as a fun way to recognize smaller cities and towns that combine classic elements, such as comfortable climate and compelling architecture, with positive civic energy, investment in the local economy and meaningful initiatives for the environment.