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National Museum of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is home of the OICC headquarters.

Organization of Islamic Capitals & Cities

October 01, 2008

Founded in 1980, the Organization of Islamic Capitals and Cities (OICC) is made up of 141 capitals of Islamic countries and cities from all over the world.  The membership spans 54 countries from the continents of Asia, Africa, Europe and South America.  The Organization focuses on the achievement of goals within a sustainable development framework for human settlements.  


The goals of OICC include:

  • Preservation of the identity and heritage of Islamic capitals and cities
  • Establishment and development of comprehensive urban norms, systems and plans that will serve the growth and prosperity of members for the promotion of their economic, social, cultural, environmental and urban conditions
  • Promotion of the standards of development, services and municipal utilities in member cities
  • Promotion and development of capacity building programs in member cities.



OICC holds a series of conferences, seminars, symposiums and international exhibitions to network with its member cities in order to develop solutions to common issues of concern; undertakes studies on historical Islamic architecture and urban heritage; and recognizes those who specialize in Islamic municipal policy, architecture and urban planning.  Key areas of research include municipal and environmental services, heritage protection and technical cooperation.  All of this culminates in the bi-annual publication of Islamic Capitals and Cities magazine.  


OICC awards prizes in the areas of Writing or Documentation or Translation, Municipal Projects and Services, and Scientific Research.  The purpose of the awards is to preserve the identity and heritage of Islamic cities while enhancing sustainable development; encourage experts and specialists to publish in the municipal fields while adding to the Islamic library in the areas of Islamic environment and heritage; and to encourage the adoption and methodology to preserve the identity of Islamic cities.

The next application deadline is July 23rd, 2009.  Complete details can be found here http://www.oicc.org/oiccenglish/news.php