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Participants at the North American Congress
Global Coordinator of the ICLEI CCP Campaign, Michelle Wyman

North American Local Leaders Step Up Efforts To Battle Climate Change

July 19, 2006

Nearly 150 mayors and local officials from jurisdictions across Canada, Mexico and the US gathered in Chicago at the ICLEI North American Congress have unanimously adopted a Statement of Action on Climate, making strong commitments to reducing local greenhouse gas emissions.


These local governments have committed to:

  • Assessing cutting greenhouse gases by 30% by 2020, and 80% by 2050
  • Making all new buildings carbon neutral by 2030
  • Developing adaptation and hazard prevention strategies in response to climate change impacts
  • Integrating greenhouse gas and economic development strategies
  • Participating in North American emissions trading regimes


“It is in the great cities of the world that the battle of climate security will be won, or lost,” said Minister Margaret Beckett (Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs of the United Kingdom) at the opening reception of the Congress. Minister Beckett made a point of attending the event while in the US meeting with officials to further the climate agenda.


“The leadership and action being exercized by local governments to advance climate protection demonstrates the economic opportunities that can lead to a viable and healthy future for all,” said Michelle Wyman, Global Coordinator of the ICLEI Cities for Climate Protection Campaign®.


Additionally, Congress participants underscored the imperative to call upon other levels of governance, federal and state/provincial/territorial, as well as businesses and citizens, to partner with local governments to meet greenhouse gas reduction targets and as Minister Beckett describes, win the climate security battle.


Source: ICLEI Media Release: July 14, 2006

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