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ELo-Brasil Participants at the Workshop

Betim hosts launch of ELo-Brasil

July 19, 2006

The city of Betim (Brazil) hosted the 1st Seminar on Renewable Energy and Local Power, together with the 1st Workshop of the Local Renewables Model Communities Network in Brazil (called ELo-Brazil, for "Energias Locais no Brasil", in Portuguese), on 28 –29 June 2006.


The event gathered over 250 participants who were introduced to the linkage between climate change and renewable energy, and the opportunities for local governments to reduce costs while protecting the climate by adopting renewable energies and energy efficiency policies and measures.


Together with the Mayor of Betim, Mr. Carlaile Pedrosa, and Mr. Rogerio Barbosa, Project Director at the British Embassy in Brazil, Ms. Laura Valente de Macedo, ICLEI-LACS Regional Director launched the Local Renewables Model Communities Network in Brazil - "ELo-Brasil".


Betim has been a very active Cities for Climate Protection® (CCP) member, and was selected as the Brazilian Node of ICLEI´s Local Renewables Model Communities Network, to lead cities in Brazil in the promotion and use of renewable energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve quality of life for their inhabitants. The municipal leaders of Betim have enthusiastically embraced the idea of promoting renewable energies and energy efficiency policies and measures, as a further step towards climate protection and their engagement in the CCP.


Speakers included renowned Brazilian experts in the field of renewable energies, both from government, academia, NGOs and the private sector. The key note speech on CDM opportunities in renewable energy and energy efficiency for local governments was delivered by Mr. José Domingos Miguez, Co-chair of the UNFCCC´s Methodology Panel for the CDM, and the Executive Secretary of the Inter-ministerial Commission on Climate Change in Brazil, acting as the National Designated Authority for the CDM.


During the workshop, CCP cities and representatives from the “Elo-Brasil” network discussed the work plan to establish the Reference Center, a commitment of Betim within the 2-year project, which is funded by the British Government´s Global Opportunities Fund (GOF). Amongst the many interesting ideas, the Minas Gerais state energy agency, CEMIG committed to implement a training program on Energy for the municipalities in the region, and support to set up a model Center and showroom on renewable energies in Betim.


For more information, contact Laura Valente, Regional Director of ICLEI-LACS, at laura.valente@iclei.org.

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