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Urban Research Symposium 2009 in Marseille, France, June 28-30, 2009

5th Urban Research Symposium - Call for Papers Extended

October 03, 2008

The Urban Research Symposium is a unique global forum to discuss specific policy issues related to urban growth and development. Academicians, practitioners, and decision makers from all countries and cities are urged to attend. 

ICLEI is a partner to the 5th Urban Research Symposium

The Urban Research Symposium is a three-day event, launched in 2002, and is sponsored by the World Bank and a broad spectrum of partners, including ICLEI.

Call for paper

A call for papers is downloadable from www.urs2009.net It has an extended deadline of 14 October 2008, to submit a one page summary, in English or French.

Discussions on the role of cities in confronting climate change

At a time when climate change is a major priority for the international community, this Symposium focuses on the challenges and opportunities posed by climate change on cities. The role of cities and peri-urban areas in confronting climate change is being increasingly recognized.

Five broad research clusters

The Symposium is structured around five broad research clusters which represent the most relevant issues faced by cities and peri-urban areas on climate change.

  • Cluster 1: Science and Indicators of Climate Change and Related Impacts: Understanding and measuring how cities impact, and are impacted by, climate change.
  • Cluster 2: Infrastructure, Built Environment, and Energy Efficiency: Planning efficiently and effectively to increase the resilience of cities.
  • Cluster 3: Role of Institutions, Governance, and Urban Planning: Improving management, coordination, and planning of cities to meet climate change challenges.
  • Cluster 4: Incentive policies, economics and finance: Understanding how and why cities respond to climate change.
  • Cluster 5: Social aspects of climate change: Understanding and reducing vulnerability of urban populations to climate change.