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Forum on Disaster Risk Reduction, Shanghai, China, 28-30 July 2010

June 16, 2010

The Shanghai World Expo 2010, whose theme is 'Better City, Better Life,' will feature the international Forum on Disaster Risk Reduction. The forum is co-covened by DEVNET, the UNISDR, UN-HABITAT and ICLEI.

The Forum will be held in Shanghai at the Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center from 28-30 July 2010.

The main objectives of the Forum will be to:

  • promote an exchange of practical knowledge related to disaster risk reduction, including preparedness, rehabilitation and reconstruction of urban areas.

  • facilitate knowledge and information exchange between cities and departments in China and their international partners, in the area of disaster risk reduction.

  • foster new multi-stakeholder partnerships - between community groups, local and national authorities, and public-private sectors - aimed at reducing disaster risk at sub-national levels.

An exhibition of disaster prevention, recovery and rehabilitation technologies will accomapny the Forum.

The program will alternate between plenary sessions focussing on practical aspects of urban risk reduction supported by concrete examples, and three working groups. The groups will address:

  1. Basic indicators that help monitor and evaluate the implementation of the UNISDR's Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA).

  2. Collecting local governments' tools and methods for reducing urban vulnerability to climate change. From this, the group will produce a map of these initiatives to share with local authorities.

  3. Establish best practices in disaster reduction and post-disaster recovery to be used by local and national governments as well as civil society organiyations and the private sector.

Participants will be lead on a study tour of the City of Shanghai as part of Forum plenary sessions on 31 July.

Forum registration instructions are offered here in PDF form.