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Local Government Climate Roadmap

February 27, 2009

The United Nations Climate Change Conference 2007 in Bali, Indonesia determined a roadmap for nations towards a post-Kyoto framework on climate change for the period after 2012 which is to be worked out at COP-14 in Poznan, Poland in 2008 and should generally be agreed at COP-15 in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2009.

Provided with legal, institutional and public competencies, cities and local governments of the world should be part of this international process. Local representatives must be empowered to speak for themselves as full members of their national delegations. They must be given access to the negotiation processes of the post 2012 framework to ensure that local governments are given the mandate, authority and resources to continue and to strengthen their local climate work through supportive and enabling national and international regimes.

How does it work?

The envisaged advocacy process of these leading Local Government associations includes the following components:

  • Component 1: Mobilising Local Governments world-wide, especially in developing and emerging countries, to build consensus and capacity, to understand the process and to join efforts towards a strong and global post-2012 climate agreement.
  • Component 2: Promoting the World Mayors and Local Governments Climate Protection Agreement or similar, complementary regional instruments, to help mobilise a global campaign of highly committed Local Governments which give credibility and visibility to local governments on their priorities.
  • Component 3: developing a common, participatory position(s) by Local Governments on their contribution(s) and future role in a post-2012 climate agreement. This will include two symposia to gather recommendations from experts as well as to facilitate a global consensus and capacity building process.
  • Component 4: Establishing and preparing a Local Government Delegation comprised of local leaders from all parts of the world and linked to the World Mayors Council on Climate Change, which will lead the interaction with the international negotiation process (at COP-14 and COP-15) and the parallel national dialogues. This activity aims at getting the support from many nations for a strong post-2012 climate agreement; advocating and representing the Local Government priorities at the COPs to an international audience, and over the entire period vis-à-vis national partners.
  • Component 5: Local Government Session at COP-14 in Poznan, December 2008.
  • Component 6: Local Government Session at COP-15 in Copenhagen, December 2009.
  • Component 7: Continuous interaction with the international policy process, in particular with UNFCCC preparatory events, and Roadmap process coordination.

More information

Website of the Local Government Climate Roadmap