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ICLEI project: Sustainable Energy System in Advanced Cities (SESAC)

July 02, 2008

The Sustainable Energy Systems in Advanced Cities (SESAC) project, shows how the local economy can thrive when combined with climate protection, through sustainable energy implementation in the built environment. It is being implement by ICLEI European Secretariat with other European Partners.

SESAC illustrates innovative energy measures in both new buildings and the renovation of the existing building stock.

It also focuses on energy in districts in the cities of Delft (the Netherlands), Växjö (Sweden) and Grenoble (France).

Based on local energy analysis and European Union policies, different areas for substantial reduction of greenhouse gases have been identified and will be demonstrated in this project, in particular:

  • a district heating system using waste heat
  • design, construction and operation of eco- buildings
  • demand-side management, such as individual metering
  • cooling using renewable energy sources
  • photovoltaics energy integrated in buildings.

SESAC is part of the broader European Commission initiative CONCERTO with the aim of accelerating innovation in renewable energy solutions, advance energy efficiency and systems for poly-generation linked together with concepts for eco-buildings.