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European Parliament building in Strasbourg, by Cédric Puisney

Seven ICLEI Members considered the world’s most successful cities

August 16, 2006

The European Institute for Urban Affairs has released their list of nine cities considered to be the most successful, a result of their integrating approaches to social, economic and environmental issues.


Seven of the nine cities are ICLEI Members: Barcelona (Spain), Copenhagen (Denmark), Curitiba (Brazil), Freiburg (Germany), Melbourne (Australia), Portland (Oregon, USA), and Strasbourg (France).


In their analysis, the Institute wrote that, “Some of the characteristics of these cities are that they are willing to put certain constraints on vehicle traffic, and they are recognizing the importance of public life to society and to the safety and enjoyment of cities.”


The report went on to say that, “Interestingly, these cities can be found on any continent because what it takes is visionary people – be it the mayor, city architect or engineer, politician, or a group of people working together – who realize that the whole point of cities is to create meeting places for people.”


Source: ‘Reconquering World Cities’, Urban Land Institute, July 2006.

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