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Local governments striving for providing sustainable access to water

July 26, 2006

Integrated Water Resources Management allows better services for people


Local governments have a major responsibility to serve their communities with water and sanitation services. However, they are often limited in this due to poor management of the resource itself, which is the basis for these services. Likewise, sound water management lies at the heart of other poverty alleviation and economic development initiatives such as farming, tourism and flood and drought management.


Strengthening the capacity of local governments in the region to adequately manage and develop their water resources is therefore key to sustainable development. Together with other government entities, user groups, such as farmers and domestic users, and environmental groups and others, interests in water management need to be balanced to distribute water more equally and safeguard its sustainability.


These issues will be at the heart of the discussions taking place 26 - 27 July at the workshop ‘Local Action for Integrated Water Resources Management’ which convenes delegates from local governments, municipal associations and national ministries from Botswana, Mozambique, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. The workshop is hosted by the Kalahari Conservation Society and part of LoGoWater, a research project financed by the European Commission. LoGo Water is coordinated by ICLEI.


Contact: logowater@iclei.org

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