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ICLEI’s Local Agenda 21 work in Europe receives support from the European Union

June 28, 2006

The renewed EU Sustainable Development Strategy was adopted in the European Council on 15-16 June 2006 (Document 10117/06). The Strategy acknowledges the important role of Local Agenda 21 processes and the Aalborg Commitments in implementing its objectives, and now takes the following perspective:


  • With regard to the important role of local and regional levels in delivering sustainable development and building up social capital, it is the overall aim to build sustainable communities in urban and rural areas where citizens live and work and jointly create a high quality of life. Approaches like Local Agenda 21 and other processes with broad public participation must be further strengthened and promoted. Municipalities, cities and towns should be invited to sign and implement the Aalborg Commitments. Networks at different levels should support these activities. In this connection the Commission is invited to elaborate possible options of how to promote the European Sustainable Cities & Towns Campaign which provides an exchange of good practice including the elaboration of quality criteria, indicators and instruments like impact assessment.


From 21-24 March 2007, the 5th European Sustainable Cities & Towns Campaign Conference will take place in Sevilla, Spain. ICLEI organized or co-organized the previous four European Sustainable Cities & Towns Conferences, and is co-drafter of both the Aalborg Charter and the Aalborg Commitments. For more information on how to attend this event and on the Aalborg Commitments, visit: www.sevilla2007.org


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