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Portland, Oregon

Portland and other ICLEI USA Members rank the ‘most sustainable’

June 07, 2006

Portland (Oregon, USA) ranked highest among the 50 largest US cities for using its assets and infrastructure wisely, keeping money in the local economy and being prepared for the unexpected, according to a study from SustainLane.com.


San Francisco (California) ranked second this year, while Seattle (Washington) came third.


Cities were judged on their ability to maintain air quality and healthy drinking water, their use of renewable energy and alternative fuels, access to public transit, number of parks, green building and local food production.


Other ICLEI Members that ranked among the top 40 are, in order, are:

Chicago (Illinois) – 5th

New York (New York) – 7th

Denver (Colorado) – 9th

Minneapolis (Minnesota) – 10th

Austin (Texas) – 14th

Honolulu (Hawaii) – 15th

San Diego (California) – 17th

Los Angeles (California) – 25th

Atlanta (Georgia) – 38th


Source: MarketWatch at www.marketwatch.com/news

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