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Louise Comeau joins ICLEI as Director, ICLEI-Canada

May 31, 2006

ICLEI is pleased to welcome Louise Comeau as Director, ICLEI-Canada.

As Director of ICLEI’s Canada office, Ms. Comeau will work to advance ICLEI’s mandate across the country and build on the strong relationships that ICLEI has forged with local governments in Canada. Ms. Comeau will also lead the development of the World Mayors Council on Climate Change - channeling the energy of this group of dedicated and progressive Mayors to raise the political profile and impact of ICLEI’s Cities for Climate Protection Campaign, increase international cooperation of municipal leaders for climate action, and enhance the effectiveness of the multilateral mechanisms for global climate protection.


For the last two years Ms. Comeau has served as Director of the Climate Project of the Sage Centre in Ottawa, Canada. Ms. Comeau is also a former Associate of the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD). During her tenure as Director General, Policy, Advocacy and Communications of FCM's Centre for Sustainable Community Development, Ms. Comeau established such renowned and successful programs as the Centre for Sustainable Community Development, the Green Municipal Funds, and an expanded Partners for Climate Protection – a program delivered in partnership with ICLEI.


Ms. Comeau has taken an active and ongoing role in ensuring the Government of Canada honours its commitments to the Kyoto Protocol. Ms. Comeau’s influence was evident in the 2005 update to Canada’s Climate Plan and the Federal Government’s decision to host the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Montréal last December.


Ms. Comeau has an academic background in Organizational Communication, Canadian Investment Finance and Securities, and Environmental Studies/Geography.

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