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ICLEI’s new team in Korea: Director Ms Yeon-Hee Park (third from left) and colleagues in front of the new office in Suwon City
Suwon City Mayor Tae-Young Yeom welcomes members of ICLEI’s Global Executive Committee and the World Mayors Council on Climate Change as well as national and local guests to the opening ceremony of the new ICLEI Korea Office in his city.
Suwon City, ICLEI and World Mayors Council dignitaries unveiling ICLEI’s name plate in front of the new Korea Office building
ICLEI Korea Office Director Ms Yeon-Hee Park (front right) signed a partnership agreement with the Local Sustainability Alliance of Korea (LSAK), represented by Mr Jonghoon Lee. ICLEI Secretary General Konrad Otto-Zimmermann, Suwon City Mayor Tae-Young Yeom and ICLEI First Vice President Martha Delgado witnessed the signing ceremony.

New ICLEI Korea Office opens in Suwon City

October 22, 2012

ICLEI’s Global Executive Committee and members of the World Mayors Council on Climate Change were present when ICLEI inaugurated its new Korea Office in Suwon City, South Korea.

Mayor Tae-Young Yeom and the Chairman of the City Council welcomed ICLEI to Suwon and emphasized their satisfaction with ICLEI’s decision to choose Suwon as the host for the next five years.

ICLEI’s First Vice President, Mexico City Environment Minister Ms Martha Delgado, expressed the organization’s appreciation to Suwon City for its generous hosting of the Korea Office.

ICLEI’s Korea Office was hosted by Jeju Special Self-Governing Province from 2007-2012. It relocated to Suwon after the Executive Committee accepted an offer by Suwon City to host the office for the next five-year term.

ICLEI Secretary General Konrad Otto-Zimmermann expressed his gratitude to Jeju Province and especially to former ICLEI Korea Director Mr Dae-Shik Chin for his dedicated service for the organization.

Otto-Zimmermann congratulated Ms Yeon-Hee Park on her appointment as the new Korea Office Director and welcomed her intention to create a stronger partnership between ICLEI and the Korean Local Agenda 21 movement.