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Translating green economy to city level – ICLEI releases new book on local sustainability

December 03, 2012

Regardless of their physical and population sizes, towns and cities have always been the hubs of human settlements and commercial activities - even more so in an urban age like nowadays, where major cities and their economies dominate the global economy.

Rapid urbanization, however, also means that cities are fast becoming the greatest consumer of our world’s natural resources and the main contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions.

It is in this context that the term “Green Urban Economy” was introduced in 2011, when ICLEI translated the internationally formulated concept “Green Economy” - one of the two key themes of the Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development – to the local government and city level.  

The Green Urban Economy approach is an inclusive response to global climate change and socioeconomic development at the local level. By embedding both economic and environmental concerns in policymaking, it calls for smarter approaches and innovation in applying existing tools and new methods towards achieving sustainable urban development.

Bringing together 35 contributions from over 60 experts from research, the private sector, international organizations and local governments worldwide, ICLEI’s newly published compendium The Economy of Green Cities: A world Compendium on the Green Urban Economy bridges the gap between the global promotion of the concept and its actual realization on the ground by illustrating the advantages of the Green Urban Economy approach with concrete and practical examples.

Covering issues such as governance, economics, new business models, green jobs, technology, infrastructure, urban poverty, it is also an acknowledgement of and call for more locally responsive actions, new thinking and research.

The compendium is available for sale on Springer's website: http://www.springer.com/environment/sustainable+development/book/978-94-007-1968-2