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ICLEI Member Nantes crowned 2013 European Green Capital

January 14, 2013

Crowned ‘2013 European Green Capital’ for its outstanding achievements in water use, transport and green spaces, Nantes - France’s sixth largest city, is rolling out a year-long environmentally-centered program to celebrate its status.

Nantes is the fourth European Green Capital and ICLEI Member since the start of the award program. Past winners include ICLEI Members Stockholm, Hamburg and Victoria-Gasteiz.

According to EU Commissioner for the Environment, Janez Potocnik, Nantes received a title of “great responsibility”, since it shows an exemplary commitment to public policies towards urban development, with high environmental standards and better quality of life.

To celebrate the achievement, Nantes has a full program of activities and initiatives, including Aéroflorale II, a traveling exhibition showcasing environmental best practices, and the ECOCITY World Summit, being hosted by Nantes in late September 2013.

With a long history of environmental and social awareness, Nantes is one of the first cities to boast a public transportation system - its omnibus service dates back as early as 1826. (Even the word “bus” comes to us from Nantes, when citizens gave the nickname of Omnibus, Latin for “for all”, to the new transportation service). 

In 2004, Time claimed Nantes to be the “most liveable city in Europe”. The jury recognized Nantes best environmental practices, the aim of which being to contribute to urban life improvement, enact educational policies and include green issues into the policy agenda.

The European Commission annually evaluates the European Green Capital Candidates through a 12-point sustainability list. Thanks to its planning capacity, Nantes achieved high standards of sustainability, and an annual showcase that will highlight its ecological awareness worldwide. In September 2013, Nantes will host the World Mayor's Summit on Climate jointly organized with ICLEI.

Read the full case study on Nantes’s work.