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Left: Mayor Lisa Scaffidi; top right: Mayor John F Cook; bottom right: Mayor Park Won-su.

ICLEI member mayors rank among top 10 of 2012 World Mayors Award

January 09, 2013

ICLEI Member Mayor Lisa Scaffidi (Perth, Australia) won the first runner-up and World Mayor Commendation at the World Mayors Award 2012 - a competition launched by City Mayors Foundation since 2004 to honor mayors with outstanding leadership and achievement in city development.

Other ICLEI Member mayors who rank among the top 10 in 2012 includes John F Cook (El Paso, USA) and Park Wan-su (Changwon, South Korea).

Previous winners of the award include ICLEI Member Mayors Marcelo Ebrado, Mayor of Mexico City, Mexico (2010), Helen Zille, Executive Mayor of Cape Town, South Africa (2008), Dora Bakoyannis, Mayor of Athens, Greece (2005) and John So, Mayor of Melbourne, Australia (2006).

Lisa Scaffidi, Mayor of Perth, Australia

Mayor Scaffidi is the first female lord mayor of Perth. First elected in 2007, she has been serving in the Committee for Economic Development of Australia for 11 years before becoming the city’s mayor.

Known for her outgoing approach in connecting with citizens through social media and her keen support to sustainable development, she has undertaken various initiatives during her time in office to make Perth – a coastal city facing the double challenge of urbanization and rising water demand – more prepared and adaptive to climate change.

In 2008, the city adopted its first Corporate Water Strategy and joined ICLEI’s Water Campaign™ - a decade-long international freshwater management program that helps build capacity for local governments to reduce water consumption and improve water quality.

A drought proof plan was developed by the city’s Water Corporation to secure alternative and more sustainable water sources such as desalination, improving efficiency and increasing the use of recycled water. The program has been extended and implemented throughout the city via various community-based strategies.

Park Wan-su, Mayor of Changwon City, South Korea

Located in the southeastern region of the Korean Penisular, Changwon is the first-planned city and a government-designated industrial area in the 1970s. Over the past decade and during Mayor Park’s time in office as the city’s mayor, the city has transformed dramatically into an ecofriendly and hybrid industrial community, and has become the home of many multinational companies like GM, Volvo and Philips.

In 2006, the city declared itself as “the environmental capital of Korea”.  Over the past decade, it has hosted numerous international events on sustainable development, including the first Lead Authors meeting of the International Panel on Climate Change Working Group III and the East Asian Ocean Conference in 2012, ICLEI EcoMobility and World Bike Festival in 2011, and UN COP10 Meeting of the RAMSAR Convention of Wetlands in 2008.

The city is also an affiliate city of C40 Cities – Climate Leadership Group, and has been crowned “the environmental capital of Korea” and “The Best City to live in Korea’ three years in a row from 2005 to 2007. It also chairs the EcoMobility Alliance.

Mayor Park has been short-listed for the 2008 World Mayor Award and was elected as a member of United Cities and Local Governments World Council in 2007.

John F Cook, Mayor of El Paso, Texas, USA

Since 2005, Mayor Cook has been serving as the Mayor of El Paso – a city praised for its innovation in sustainable development and winner of the U.S.’s 2011 National Award for Smart Growth Achievement.

The honor came as a result of El Paso’s comprehensive new growth plan Connecting El Paso, which outlined the city’s vision in developing healthier, safer and more socio-economically inclusive communities through reactivating its urban environment, promoting mixed landuse in the city’s downtown, and connecting it with efficient and environmental friendly transit system.

In 2012, the city launched the El Paso Green Business Challenge – a year-long program to help businesses to operate more environmentally friendly by saving energy and water, and reducing waste.

Other recent initiatives to promote sustainable urban development include installing solar systems, upgrading light bulbs, recycling and promoting a four-day workweek at City Hall – which helped the city government to cut energy use by 23 percent over the past five years.