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Climate talks in Bangkok

September 05, 2012

At the recently held climate talks in Bangkok, climate negotiators explore collaborations with local governments and ICLEI to raise level of ambition.

The informal climate talks in Bangkok ended with concrete progress on key issues across all three negotiating groups, setting a firmer base for decisions that will be made at the UN Climate Change Conference this year, in Doha.

“The investment in Bangkok has paid off. Government negotiators have pushed forward key issues further than many had expected and raised the prospects for a next successful step in Doha,” said Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

“There are still some tough political decisions ahead, but we now have a positive momentum and a greater sense of convergence that will stimulate higher-level political discussions ahead of Doha and set a faster pace of work once this year’s conference begins,” she said.

Since the Durban Conference in December 2011, a new round of global climate negotiations started with a view to conclude with a new climate regime that will enter into force after 2020. These include essential work to trigger a new phase of greater climate action and to take the next concrete steps to fill existing gaps in the international policy response to climate change. Progress in Bangkok in each of the three negotiating groups addressed these objectives.

In para 36.d of the report of the first workshop held in May 2012 in Bonn 2012, ICLEI is identified as one of the primary international cooperative initiatives in which national governments can strengthen and increase engagement in order to respond to the urgency of accelerating the implementation of actions at the national and subnational level.

Find out about the outcomes of the Bangkok talks at www.unfccc.int