ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability
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Membership fees
Full membership dues
Full Members pay yearly dues based upon:

To determine the annual membership rate for your local government, local authority, or local government association, please refer to the rate tables below.


  • If your local government wishes to become a Full Member and:
  • Is from a country with gross national product per capita of $11,456 USD (Group IV)
  • has a population of 3,000,000

the yearly dues payment would be €5,240.
Full Membership Fee Structure-Local Government
Municipalities and Local Authorities Group IV
Gross National Income per Capita of over $11,456
0 to 50,000 €450
50,001 to 100,000 €900
100,001 to 200,000 €1,310
200,001 to 300,000 €1,680
300,001 to 500,000 €2,060
500,001 to 750,000 €2,620
750,001 to 1,000,000 €3,370
1,000,001 to 2,000,000 €4,300
2,000,001 to 4,000,000 €5,240
Over 4,000,001 €5,985
Full Membership Fee Structure - Association of Local Governments/Local Government Institutes
Associations of Local Governments, Local Government Institutes Group IV
Gross National Product Per Capita of over $11,456
National Associations of Local Government Institutes and Local Government Institutes €2,620
Subnational Associations of Local Governments and Local Government Institutes €1,870
If you have any questions about membership benefits, rates, application or payment procedures, please contact us.