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ASEAN City Pilot – Yogyakarta: Test Driving Tools for

The ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community Blueprint has identified actions and priority areas to address climate change impacts.  In support of this initiative, the ASEAN Secretariat in collaboration with the ASEAN-U.S. Technical Assistance and Training Facility (TATF), the ASEAN Working Group on Environmentally Sustainable Cities, the City of Jakarta, ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability, and the World Bank, conducted the Climate Resilient Cities Measuring and Monitoring Workshop in January 2011.   

As a next step to help ASEAN Cities, the ASEAN Secretariat with support from the ASEAN-US TATF is conducting a pilot for measuring and monitoring GHG emissions using the HEAT+ software in Yogyakarta to serve as a model for other ASEAN cities.  Yogyakarta City is a logical ASEAN pilot city to showcase the use of measuring and monitoring tools for the region – and an optimum partner given the Mayor’s enthusiasm and the commitment of its officials and staff to green growth.  In 2001, Yogyakarta was a pioneer city of the Climate Action Project (under the Cities for Climate Protection Campaign).

The results will hopefully encourage other cities to adopt the HEAT+ software to become better equipped to measure and monitor carbon emissions and, in turn, develop enhanced GHG mitigation plans.
ASEAN City Pilot Project Goals
The program will facilitate the dissemination of an internationally recognized GHG accounting mechanism to local governments in the ASEAN region.  In particular, the project will:
1) Develop the Baseline Emission Inventory of Yogyakarta using ICLEI’s HEAT+ software;
2) Assess the feasibility of different scenarios, using HEAT+, determined by the existing climate actions plans and low carbon development strategies for Yogyakarta;
3) Align Yogyakarta’s climate data to international efforts of data reporting from local governments in the field of climate.

This pilot will introduce a systematic approach for inventorying GHG emissions in ASEAN cities.  The pilot will also encourage other ASEAN cities to follow Yogyakarta’s example and establish a standardized GHG accounting approach across the entire region.
Yogyakarta City, Indonesia

May 2012 to September 2012