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Current FutureCityLeaders

Meet our current group of FutureCityLeaders.
For more information or media requests please contact future.city.leaders@iclei.org.

Simone Ariane Pflaum

City Councilor
City of Freiburg, Germany

'With an emphasis on sustainable leadership, the FutureCityLeaders Initiative offers support by experts, livelong activists and committed individuals with the purpose of establishing a world-wide movement of visionary, skilled and connected young leaders.'

Jinty MacTavish

City Councilor
Dunedin City Council, New Zealand

'I’m participating in FutureCityLeaders because I think there is much to be learnt from other young people holding office in other cities around the world.  I’m excited about the opportunity to be connected to their thoughts, their ideas, their actions and their inspiration, which in turn will ensure my own decision making and actions are as globally informed as they can be.'

Dominic Frongillo

Councilmember and Deputy Town Supervisor
Town of Caroline, USA

'I am participating in ICLEI FutureCityLeaders because I am passionate about building global movement to address our changing climate and key sustainability challenges of our time, and inspiring the next generation of policy makers in the United States to play a leadership role in solving our global challenges.'

Eero Vainio

City Councilor
City of Lahti, Finland

'I am part of FutureCityLeaders because I want to widen and deepen my understanding about urban challenges and sustainable solutions. ICLEI helps me to network and make true my ambitious dream to win sustainability challenges - not just in Lahti Region and Finland - but globally.'

Sebastian Klein

Hepburn Shire Council, Australia

'As councilor and now mayor, I am significantly further towards my goal of creating a healthier, happier, more prosperous
and sustainable world. Now I need the skills, colleagues and knowledge to identify and use the right tools and methods to help
me make this vision reality.'