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FutureCityLeaders Sustainability Faculty

The FutureCityLeaders Sustainability Faculty is a small exclusive group of experts from the academic, private, government or NGO sector who are invited to inspire and share information in regards to initiatives from their area of expertise with our FutureCityLeaders. The Faculty Members together form the FutureCityLeaders Sustainability Faculty.

Current Faculty Members:

Mr. Jeb Brugmann
Managing Partner
The Next Practice Ltd
Toronto, Canada

Reason for joining the FutureCityLeaders Sustainability Academy as a Faculty Member

I have had the opportunity to study and contribute to the sustainability strategies and initiatives of scores of cities on every continent. Leveraging this 20+ year exposure, my hope is to support a new generation of city leaders to accelerate the scaling of a next generation of sustainability best practices.

Short bio

Jeb Brugmann is a leading practitioner and thinker on strategy and the process of innovation. For 25 years he has been devising solutions to help local communities access the benefits of globalization, and to help global organizations engage in local communities and markets. His work focuses particularly on the critical contribution of innovation at the micro-level of the locality, business model, or consumer cluster to achieve macro-level strategy objectives.

As the founder and chief executive of major international organizations and programs, as a social entrepreneur and for-profit private sector entrepreneur, and as a corporate and urban strategy consultant, he has worked on the ground in scores of cities and rural regions in 28 countries.

Mr. Kes McCormick
Research Associate
International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics
Lund, Sweden

Reason for joining the FutureCityLeaders Sustainability Academy as a Faculty Member

'I firmly believe we need to significantly improve the integration between academia (both research and education) and practice on sustainability to inspire change and creativity. We need innovative collaborations between universities and municipalities, and I consider FutureCityLeaders an exciting initiative that I want to support and help develop.'

Short bio

With a background in political science and environmental science, Kes McCormick engages in a combination of research, education, communication and innovation activities. Broadly speaking he works in the fields of sustainability and governance with a specific focus on exploring how to accelerate the implementation of renewable energy (and energy efficiency).