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FutureCityLeaders invites your financial support
Committed and forward thinking supporters will enable participants, especially from developing countries to be involved in the Initiative.
We are still looking for sponsors for this initiative and welcome requests and offers for support. The benefits for supporting this new initiative are outlined below.

Download our brochure.

Why support young city leaders?
As our world is facing new challenges such as rapid urbanization, climate change, urban risks and resource constraints, a new generation of urban change makers – people with vision, capacity and network who strive for the necessary transformation – is urgently required. These young leaders have the courage and vision to embrace progressive sustainable urban planning and policy making and meet the challenges ahead.
Become a Sponsor
We can work with your marketing team to develop a strategic sponsorship plan that fits your goals and objectives. Some of the many benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Branding recognition on program and marketing material
  • Corporate logo/name and hyperlink on the FutureCityLeaders website
  • Name recognition in our newsletters (sent to our 1200+ local government members)
  • Name recognition in press releases
  • Give your company and brand global exposure through an international partnership and program.
  • Highlight and strengthen your corporate community investment and Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Build relationships with a talented, diverse and highly motivated pool of FutureCityLeaders.
  • Work with ICLEI, a well-known international association with over 20 years of experience and expertise working on urban sustainability.

Each of our sponsorship packages are designed to raise your company profile on both the local, national and international level.

How to get in contact
There are several ways to support this great initiative.
Please contact us for more information at future.city.leaders@iclei.org.

Contact us at future.city.leaders@iclei.org

Supporting Partners

Endorsing Partners

"It is of strategic importance to capacitate and promote future city leaders for sustainability. The World Mayors Council on Climate Change is pleased to endorse and support this new promising ICLEI initiative.”

 Marcelo Ebrard 
Mayor of Mexico City and Chair of the World Council on Climate

“Since its inauguration in 2009, the importance of the FutureCityLeaders initiative has only increased. Every type of support is essential to ensure a more sustainable future in more livable and ecological cities.”

    David Cadman
Councilor for Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and ICLEI President