ICLEI’s LAB Guidebook, produced in close association with IUCN and the CBD Secretariat provides practitioners with comprehensive guidelines on the multiple aspects of biodiversity management in the challenging local government context. This groundbreaking and comprehensive publication collates biodiversity good practice from around the world in a series of easily accessible modules. Each module contains practical advice, examples, and references for further information. It draws on a variety of sources with a focus on the rich experience of leading cities and regions from around the world – the LAB Program’s Pioneer cities and regions. Their innovation in dealing with biodiversity at local level has shaped this Guidebook, resulting in a truly unique and unparalleled body of practical knowledge in the field of urban biodiversity management. The LAB Guidebook will be an inspiration to local governments everywhere as a demonstration of what can be done.

In order to receive a copy of the LAB Guidebook, join a LAB Programme or purchase a copy for US$50 plus postage: contact the LAB team at