World Mayors Summit on Climate (WMSC)

The World Mayors Summit on Climate (WMSC) was held on 21 November 2010 in Mexico City, Mexico. The summit aimed to send a clear message to the international community regarding the strategic role of cities on climate change mitigation and adaptation. The WMSC represent a step forward on the level of commitment of cities and local authorities in taking action against climate change. The purpose of the summit has been developed within the framework of the previous efforts undertaken by local governments, such as the signing of the World Mayors and Local Governments Climate Protection Agreement (2007), the Local Government Climate Roadmap (2007), the publication of the Copenhagen World Catalogue of City Commitments to Combat Climate Change (2009), the Copenhagen Climate Communiqué (2009), the Dunkerque 2010 Call on Climate Action (2010), the Bonn Declaration of the Mayors Adaptation Forum (2010) and the Climate Summits of Major Cities of the C40.

The WMSC was conceived as a new, and even more committed, starting point for the adoption by cities of necessary measures for mitigation and adaptation to the effects of climate change. 


The highlight of the event will be the signing of the “Mexico City Pact” from mayors around the world. This agreement consists of two parts:

  • the 1st pointing out the strategic importance of cities and local governments in tackling climate change, and
  • the 2nd establishing a set of voluntary commitments to promote actions and policies for GHG emissions mitigation and towards adaptation.

The text includes 10 action points to which the signatories commit. These actions will be enabled through the support of the Bonn Center for Local Climate Action and Reporting (carbonn), resulting in the launch of the carbonn Cities Climate Registry, as a collective local and sub-national response for measurable, reportable, verifiable local climate action towards and beyond 2012.

Through the highly committed joint effort resulting from the Pact, the WMSC will actively contribute to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and in particular to the United Nations Conferences of the Parties, COP16, for the 2010 edition, which will take place in Cancún, México, 29 November – 10 December. 

The WMSC is convened by Mexico City in conjunction with WMCCC - World Mayors Council on Climate Change, ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability and UCLG - United Cities and Local Governments.

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