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Press releases and advisories


21 June
Road to Sustainability is through cities - Ban Ki-Moon - Press Release

Global Initiative on Urban Resilience - Press Release

20 June
ICLEI and LSE launch major new survey of cities - Press Release

18 June
World Congress message to Rio: Green Urban Economy is key! - Press Release

16 June
The sandwich approach to prompt action beyond Rio+20 - Press Release

15 June
UNEP and ICLEI release Global Environmental Outlook 5 - Press Release

14 June
EcoMobility Festival International launch - Press Release

7 June
Visit the Rio+20 Global Town Hall - Media Advisory

5 June
Join us at ICLEI World Congress 2012 - Media Advisory

14 May
International Partners Release Pilot Global Protocol for Community-Scale Greenhouse Gas Emissions

3 May
Resilient Cities 2012 - Media Advisory

9 March
Major agreement on lower emission city growth signed


13 December
HEAT Plus tool launched at Rio Conventions Pavilion in Durban

12 December
Durban outcomes: nations invest in time, world must invest in cities

5 December
Cities say: Urbanize the climate agenda

4 December
Cities from across the world make historic commitment to climate adaptation action

23 October
EcoMobility is urban transport solution for the future

13 October
World congress on mobility for sustainable cities

5 June
Finance for adaptation needs to be bottom up

1 June
C40 and ICLEI to establish Global Standard on Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Cities

27 May
Resilient Cities 2011 – 2nd world congress on adaptation and climate change, 3-5 June 2011, Bonn, Germany

12 May
EcoMobility: cities to be acknowledged for greener urban mobility

19 April
Join us at Resilient Cities 2011: Mayors will talk climate finance ahead of UN Bonn climate talks


8 December
UN refers to cities as key governmental stakeholders supporting global climate action

21 November
Mayors launch reporting platform of cities at Climate Summit

27 October
Cities set to make climate commitments the world can count on

7 October 
ICLEI challenges cities to race in eco-efficiency

7 October
What we really need is a green economy, a functioning eco-system and the capacity to tackle climate change

22 September
20 years of a global-local network
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