ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability
City Level Carbon Emissions Reduction Project
ICLEI initiated a programme on Carbon Emission Reduction through City Level Local Action Plans by Integrating Renewable Energy (RE) & Energy Efficiency (EE) Measures into City Activities funded under the Climate Change and Energy (CCE) programme of British High Commission by UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Global Opportunity Fund (GOF). The project is aimed at promoting greater use of renewable energy and more efficient use of energy to help address climate change and ensure energy security and low carbon future for Indian cities.

Through the proposed project activities, ICLEI will create a comprehensive city action plan to reduce carbon emission and achieve energy conservation. The above project will bring strong movement around energy efficiency and climate mitigation of selected two Indian cities.

Project Activity

The project will work closely with local institution in an effort to develop local initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improvement in air quality through increased energy efficiency (EE) and Renewable Energy (RE).The project will help to build capacity of local authorities,relevent officials about locally available RE and EE technologies.

Through the above GOF programme, ICLEI will bring –
  •  Energy efficiency and renewable energy measures in city activities to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Assessment of cities energy consumption data, preparation of carbon emission inventory and creating a database that can be used by cities for comparison of data.
  • Developing need based local action plan for integrating RE & EE in the city activities under local authorities.
  • Organizing training programme and awareness workshop with eminent experts, review of action plan with city official, government and non-government organisations.
  • Technical know-how assistance by pool of experts in designing energy strategy at local level to participating stakeholders, assistance in providing technical support for ground level implementation.
  • Organizing workshop, developing knowledge sharing network.

The key outputs will be:
  • Database of energy consumption and carbon emission inventory of selected two cities
  • City level climate protection policy
  • Detailed action plan to achieve carbon emission reduction through RE and EE measures
  • Implementation strategy for the action plan developed to achieve emission reduction

For multiplier effect of the project 3 more cities will be selected as phase 2 of the project activity, seminar and workshop will be organized and capacity building of cities will be done through capaigns, training programme and stakeholder consultation for local authority, government and non-government organization.