ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability
UCP team and external experts visit the project cities
In June 2011, the UCP team comprising members of ICLEI USA and ICLEI South Asia visited the two project cities for a final UCP project review before project closure. The UCP team was accompanied in both cities by external experts – Mr Aniruddhe Mukerjee, Director, Ministry of Environment and Forests (for Rajkot and Coimbatore), Mr Chetan Vaidya, Director, National Institute of Urban Affairs (for Coimbatore), Mr Sudhir Rajpal, IAS, Municipal Commissioner, Gurgaon (for Rajkot).

The project review meetings at the cities intended for a third party visit and comments of the projects performance also to elicit from the project participating cities some comments on the project performance and outcomes. The review team met with the project team at each city, visited project sites and also learned about other projects and developments at the city level that have occurred during the project period at the city level.
UCP Indian delegates visit to US
ICLEI USA office hosted the Indian delegation comprising officials from Rajkot Municipal Corporation and Coimbatore Municipal Corporation and ICLEI South Asia, 5th May -10th May 2011. The visit was scheduled to fulfill one of the objectives of the Urban Climate Project (UCP), which is to exchange technical information between local governments in India and the United States of America.  This delegation included:
1. Mr. Ruthramoorthy Pillai Venkatachalam, Mayor, Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation
2. Mrs. Rajmurali Gayathri, Councillor, Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation
3. Mrs. Alpana Mitra, Officer on Special Duty, Rajkot City Municipal Corporation 
4. Mr. Chetan Vaidya, Director, National Institute of Urban Affairs  
5. Mr. Emani Kumar, Executive Director, ICLEI - South Asia
6. Mr. SellakrishnanChinnasamy, Project Officer to Coimbatore, ICLEI- South Asia
7. Ms. Soumya Chaturvedula, Manager, ICLEI – South Asia

Indian delegates participated in meetings with representatives of the U.S. Department of State, USAID and representatives from the City of Washington, DC, the County of Arlington, VA and the City of Boston, MA.
On the 5th of May, the delegates met with Ms. Duane Muller, Senior Climate Change Specialist, USAID and her staff and apprised her and her team of the various projects undertaken in the UCP project. Mr. Mosi Kitwana, Deputy  Executive Director, ICLEI USA and Mr. Richard AldenFeldon, International Programmes Manager, ICLEI USA accompanied the delegation to all its meetings in Washington D.C.

The delegation met with staff of the ICLEI USA, Washington office on 6th May and discussed the implementation of this project and further collaboration with US local governments in similar areas of interest. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Martin Chavez, Executive Director of ICLEI USA and former Mayor of Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

A meeting with Mr. Christopher A.G. Tulou, Director, District Department of the Environment, Government of the District of Columbia (Washington DC) and Ms. Nina M.Albert, Chief, Office of Green Economy was very interactive with the Indian delegation showing interest in the Capital Bikeshare programme and the neighborhood scale projects focusing on distributed energy solutions. The Washington City officials were apprised of activities under the UCP and were interested in the implementation of solar programmes in both the Indian cities.

The delegates also held a meeting with ICMA – Washington, where they met with Ms. Judit Dellinger, Director, New Initiatives, ICMA International and her team.  They were keen to note that the Rajkot Municipal Corporation works in alliance with the ICMA chapter in Gujarat and were interested in the UCP project activities.
The delegation traveled to Boston on the 7th of May and met with officials from the City of Boston on the 09th and toured significant project sites in Boston. Mr. D. Bryan Glascock, Commissioner, Environment Department hosted the delegation and arranged for a series of presentations by officials of the City Government and the Massachusetts Water Authority. Mr.Prataap Patrose, Deputy Director of Design, Environment Department, City of Boston, MA USA described the town planning criteria and new area development plans in Boston.  Mr. Carl Spector, Executive Director, Air Pollution Control Commission presented the modeling initiatives being undertaken to plan for climate change adaptation in the region and Mr. Vineet Gupta, Director of Planning, Transportation Department, City of Boston, MA USA presented the traffic management plan for Boston along with a description of the proposed bike share programme and the dedicated bicycle lanes in the road plan. Mr. Stephen Estes-Smargiassi, Director of Planning, Massachusettes Water Resources Authority described the wastewater treatment initiatives and water supply projects in the region and elaborated on the planning and modeling initiatives that are undertaken to make Boston more climate resilient and indicated that their endeavour is to integrate climate change vulnerability adaptation into the regular planning process to ensure that it meets with success. 

Mr. Bryan Glascock accompanied the team to the harbor area and described how the adaptation plan should take into account various features and indicated the challenge that Boston will face in making its subterranean Interstate 93 flood resistant. He also accompanied the delegation to the Boston Commons and other areas of historical importance and interest.

The Indian delegation also met with the ICLEI- USA, Boston office staff on the 10th of May and interacted with them and learnt of projects being implemented by the Renewable Energy program and the Tools and Technical Innovation team which is responsible for the development of software tools to complement the 5 milestone process of the local action plan on climate change – the Clean Air Climate Protection (CACP) software and the Climate and Air Pollution Planning Assistant (CAPPA) – a decision support tool complementing the5 milestone process.
UCP Meet: Learning from India and US
ICLEI South Asia and its partners along with ICLEI USA organized a meet on February 23 in New Delhi to review the Urban Climate Project (UCP) . Along with Mr. Emani Kumar, ED, ICLEI South Asia, other delegates present were - Mr. David Cadman, ICLEI President; Mr. Martin Cavez, ICLEI-USA President; Mr. Griffin M Thompson, USDOS; Mr. Jereny Gustafson, USAID; Mr. Chetan Vaidya, NIUA; Mr. Bibek Bandhyopadhyay, MNRE.

Project members and participants from U.S. and Indian counterparts also interacted and shared their experiences for improving sustainability in their cities and also reviewed the successes and accomplishments of the UCP in Rajkot and Coimbatore. David Cadman, ICLEI President, said," Clean and efficient cities is the challenge for cities." "We are at cutting edge of a very important change, concept models like cycling etc. key to futre." Martin Chavez, ICLEI USA said that local governments are committed to these issues over the years and continue practices.

The two cities- Rajkot and Coimbatore have focused primarily on developing renewable energy systems and reducing greenhouse gas emissions through efficient energy infrastructure projects, like water management and green building codes.

Rajkot has made efforts on greater savings in citywide energy use, as well as improving the waste water management system and developing green building codes. Coimbatore has installed hybrid wind and solar power generators for Coimbatore’s new Mettupalayam Road bus terminal and the bus terminal was fitted with energy efficient lighting systems. Efforts were also made to develop a 24 x 7 water supply system. These efforts have been made under UCP.

Mr. Griffin M Thompson, USDOS, said that local actions need to done at local levels and the cities need to address the financial and political challenges. "It is not about public-privtae-participation but public-public-participation." Mr. Jereny Gustafson, USAID, emphasied on the need of reducing green house gases.
Urban Climate project report 2009-10
ICLEI South Asia has produced a report on the Urban Climate project. To learn about the project, its aims and objectives, and initiatives undertaken and proposed, please download the file here
National Workshop on Creating Low Carbon & Sustainable Indian Cities September 15th -16th, 2009, at Rajkot
A two day workshop was organized by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, South Asia on 15th -16th September 2009 in Rajkot.

This workshop included the presentation of progress made in the Urban Climate Project and also aimed at informing the various participating city governments about implementable actions to achieve low carbon and sustainable development.
ICLEI - South Asia announces project cities for the Urban Climate Project
The ICLEI-SA along with the National Institute of Urban Affairs has decided on the cities of Rajkot in Gujarat and Coimbatore in Tamilnadu for implementing the “Urban Climate Project- Building Clean and Efficient Cities”. Members from the UCP project team visited all the five shortlisted cities and discussed the project with key officials to decide on the two most favorable cities for project implementation for which funds are available.

In the coming weeks, the project team will be visiting these cities and will initiate activities for developing city level overall action plans to implement the project.

The Urban Climate Project is funded under the Asia Pacific Partnership Program by the United States Department of State.
5 cities short listed for the Urban Climate Project
Under the Urban Climate Project(UCP), funded by Asia Pacific Partnership program, fifteen cities were sent letters inviting them for Statement of Interest (SOI), out of which, eleven cities responded. Based on a predefined criteria, 5 cities namely, Tiruvananthapuram, Rajkot, Lucknow, Coimbatore and Baroda, were short listed for the project.

The project has to be implemented in two cities and so before these cities are finalized, it is important to discuss further details of the project, including activities envisaged and gathering city administration’s viewpoints. Therefore, the UCP team visited these cities to finalize the two cities for project implementation.
Inviting Statement of Interest
The project partners in consultation with Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India short listed 15 JNNURM cities on the basis of predefined criteria. The project partners seek statements of interest from these short listed Indian local bodies (municipal corporations) that are implementing the JNNURM projects to participate in the project. The Local bodies are requested to provide all the information requested in the statement format.

We also seek commitment from the interested cities in the following issues to achieve project objectives in the form of an approval from the municipal commissioner to participate in the project and work towards achieving its objectives.
  • Interested cities can register their interest in the programme by submitting a letter of interest  by 5th July 2008 to ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability, South Asia.
  • Partners will assess the statements of interest against the selection criteria and recommend shortlisted cities for final decision.
  • Formal MOU will be signed between ICLEI South Asia, NIUA and the selected city for achieving project goals in July 2008.

Please click here to download the soft copy of format inviting "Statement of Interest" from cities. EOI and other information can be sent through Fax or Email by 5th July 2008. All original documents can be received up to 10th July 2008.