ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability
The Urban Climate Project aims towards a comprehensive and multi sector clean development strategy backed by real investment capital mainly targeting the JNNURM scheme.

The three-year APP Project targets these opportunities by helping one or two cities to implement 15 clean development measures through 10 interventions including technical and  implementation support. Through the Urban Climate Project ICLEI-SA with support from NIUA aims to assist the city implement infrastructure projects (through technical and to some extent financial support) by including cleaner and efficient technologies and also model GHG deflections to showcase benefit.

Key steps under UCP
The key activities under the project are:
  • Selecting one to two cities that plan to invest a minimum of $200 Million over the next five years, and have strong political will to challenge status quo development thinking.
  • Setting up Steering and Technical Advisory Groups.
  • Developing a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) and energy use baseline for these cities.
  • Engaging expert consultants to design the city level JNNURM projects implementation plan with a multi-sector set of energy/GHG interventions, and model deflections against the baseline with a goal of reaching a 10-20% reduction of energy and GHG emissions.
  • Working with the cities to guide project implementation under JNNURM.
  • Distributing knowledge to other JNNURM cities through a series of international and national workshops.

Type of Interventions Planned under the UCP
Specific interventions will be targeted over the project period with the specific aim to help the city implement clean and efficient projects.
  • Improving design of detailed project reports (DPRs) through technical enhancement by including appropriate clean technologies in DPRs before approval stage. This will involve technical interventions to infrastructure projects by studying city specific conditions. The most viable clean technology/practice options/solutions based on footprints, technology, impacts, interfaces and relation with existing/planned technologies etc will be decided upon and project will support the city in designing and implementing these by utilizing available JNNURM funding. 
  • Improving approved/completed project DPRs by adding/introducing sub components or new technologies/practices to make the project cleaner or more efficient.
  • Improving management of JNNURM projects with approved DPRs addressing clean development goals by supporting innovative, proven and available options such as environmental resource management systems and if need be implementing CDM options etc.
  • Developing a city level policy framework for climate safe technologies and practices over the 15-20 years of JNNURM impact horizon.

Time Frame:
The Urban Climate Project commenced in February 2008 and will extend upto September 2010. The project is due for extension upto March 2011.

To Read More: Log on to UCP website: www.urbanclimateproject.org