ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability
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Konrad Otto-Zimmermann, former ICLEI Secretary General (left), and Marcelo Ebrard, former Mayor of Mexico City
ICLEI connects leaders. We connect the leaders of our member cities and local governments, we connect them with leaders of national and international organizations in the field of sustainability, we connect them with leading thinkers and with leaders in business. We connect the leading cities of the world with each other and with the world of sustainability around them.

Connecting Leaders
ICLEI provides a networking platform for our member cities and local governments. To enable our members to achieve their local aims and goals, ICLEI is supporting a network around them that connects cities to other organizations on a local, national and international level and enables cities to make their local voice heard. How do we provide this platform? We forge partnerships or alliances, engage with leading thinkers and academics, join forces with the business sector, and work jointly on pilot projects, meet at congresses and events and unite local leaders in their common work.

Connecting Leaders - The Cities Network
ICLEI is a network of cities and local governments from many regions and countries all around the world. Every single community can have a measurable effect on global sustainability. Joining together in a global network, cities and local governments are able to make a concerted effort and aim to achieve more significant impact by joining together rather then going it alone.

Connecting Leaders - Global Action Partners
Sustainability is a global issue though the solutions are often local ones. To bring about the local solutions cities and local governments need mayors, councilors and other local leaders can join together to work in partnership. Looking for local solutions to global challenges also needs to connect local leaders to global partners such as international organizations, business, entrepreneurs, academic or other non-governmental organizations and experts in the field of sustainability.

Connecting Leaders - Global Local Leaders
Cities and local governments are the drivers of urban sustainability. Cities are hubs of knowledge and resources. They host universities and corporate headquarters, provide jobs to their communities, care for social services and housing, maintain infrastructure and transport networks, take care of waste management and water or power supply - all to make their communities places worth living in. Cities and local governments are global local leaders.
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