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Bohol Municipalities Jumpstarts DReAMS project
Participants express their commitment to the project by signing symbolically the project banner. Below: Participants of the local kick-off activity in Bohol.
The two days Workshop held on 29-30 July 2010 organized by the Provincial Planning and Development Office of Bohol was attended by over 60 representatives from its five municipalities participating in the Realizing DReAMS project.  Additionally three visitors from Stung Treng, Cambodia joined the activity.

The newly elected Governor of the Province of Bohol Atty. Edgar Migriño Chatto positively received the project “Realising DReAMS”, which integrates the Poverty Database Management System (PDMS) developed in the Province of Bohol with the ecoBUDGET tool promoted by ICLEI. He further stressed that with the integration of the 2 systems, Bohol can address its poverty issues and natural resources management in an effective and efficient manner.

The participants quickly learned about the meaning of the acronym (Development of Resources and Access to Municipal Services) as well as about the objectives of the project. During the kick-off activity, the participants were briefed on ecoBUDGET and PDMS.While both tools have been successfully field tested already, the challenge of the project is to combine them in order to address MDG1 (poverty reduction) and MDG7 (environmental sustainability).
During the workshop, the participants discussed the first step for the initiation of the tools in their respective municipalities. The Municipal Officers of Tubigon fulfilled their new role as mentor, by sharing their first hand experiences about the ecoBUDGET implementation. In the PDMS group the experts from the Province of Bohol explained how the survey will be customized for the DReAMS project.  Both groups agreed on a workplan for the next month which reflects the commitment of all municipalities to the project.

The pilot municipalities for the Realizing DReAMS project Jagna, Maribojoc, Pilar and Talibon together with Tubigon stand each for one of the five clusters of municipalities grouped under the Bohol Integrated Area Development System. The Province of Bohol and Tubigon are members of ICLEI.
ecoBudget goes to Stung Treng, Cambodia
Seated from the left, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Environment, H.E. Veth Chhay, Vice Governor and Vic Aquitania, the Regional Director of ICLEI - SEA
The first field visit to Stung Treng, Cambodia was held on June 7 to 11, 2010 at Sekong Hotel. This marks the first activity of ICLEI-SEA in Cambodia. The event was highlighted by the presence of the Undersecretary of State of the Ministry of Environment, Meas Borin and the Vice Governor Veth Chhay. The training was participated in by 27 representatives from the different districts, municipalities, communes and Kraties Province. During the opening ceremonies, H.E. Veth Chhay, welcomed the opportunity to participate in the project Realizing DReAMS (Development of Resource and Access to Municipal Services for South and Southeast Asian Local Authorities. He further stressed that this project will strengthen local government capacity with the added value of integrating 2 systems, ecoBudget and PDMS, that addresses sound natural resource management while at the same time achieving poverty alleviation. The field visit was used as an opportunity to introduce the project and the 2 systems as well as train the local stakeholders through simulation exercises following the steps of ecoBudget. Stung Treng, Cambodia decided to pilot test the systems to 3 districts.
Växjö and Bologna support Asian cities in adopting ecoBUDGET
11 March 2010

The Development of Resources and Access to Municipal Services for South- and Southeast Asian Local Authorities (Realising DReAMS) project was launched at a meeting from 24 -26 February in the Province of Bohol (Philippines).  The project brings ICLEI European members Växjö and Bologna, five Asian local authorities from five different countries, and the Asian, European and Southeast Asian ICLEI Secretariats together.

Realising DReAMS focuses on capacity building at the local level, with a common understanding among partners that conservation of natural and local resources and poverty alleviation should go hand in hand in pursuit of long-term sustainable development. This will be done by implementing the environmental management system ecoBUDGET and the Poverty Database Monitoring System (PDMS).

The project builds on past ecoBUDGET implementation experiences in Bologna and Vaxjö and on a separate Europe-Asia version. This time, experienced European and Asian partners—together with the European, Asian and Southeast Asian ICLEI Secretariats—will train Indian, Bangladeshi, Bhutanese, Cambodian and Filipino partners and in turn benefit from knowledge gained through the use of the tools mentioned above. The project is partly financed by EuropeAid.

For more information, contact cristina.garzillo(at)iclei.org.

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